In preparation for our classes, you will be given weekly homework assignments consisting of readings, YouTube videos, and individual photo shoots with photo submissions to the class for discussion. Classroom format will consist of presentations of different photography topics and discussing the participants’ submitted photos.  Photo shoots will be done on your own.  Details of the shoots will be communicated in class, with suggested subjects and locations for each assignment.


(Click on the following link for a printable PDF version of the calendar:  Impressionistic Photography – Fall 2022 Calendar)

Pre-Assignment for First Class – Due Tuesday evening (9 pm), September 13

By Tuesday evening (9 pm), September 13th, please email 3 of your favorite photos to us that you have taken of any subject and from any time that you like, e.g., landscape, portraits, nature, street photography, abstracts, etc.

Please e-mail images to ALL 4 coordinators (,,, and copy yourself.


Class #1 – Thursday, September 15 (via Zoom)

TopicsImpressionistic Photography Overview / Review Student Images

Homework for Next (September 29) Zoom Class

  1. Find an object, landscape, building, person or animal you would like to photograph.
  2. Choose an impressionistic technique to try.
  3. Try to picture what the scene will look like by adding motion to it.
  4. If you are using ICM, try to move the camera during the exposure to create an “artistic” or painterly effect. If the object is moving (i.e., a dancer, etc.) or there is wind, hold the camera still and  let the object move independently. Try different movements; vertical, horizontal, diagonal or swirling.
  5. Experiment!
  6. Send us 3 of your favorite impressionistic images.

Purpose of this exercise: this exercise allows you to begin to explore the different impressionistic techniques that can help you create your abstract and creative images.

Class #2 – Thursday, September 22

Photo shoot at Roger Williams Park from 1Pm-3PM (Rain backup: Roger Williams Park Botanical Center) 

Map of Area with Meeting Point (click on link to see map):  Roger-Williams-Park-Meeting Point and Map

Official RW Park Map and Guide (click on link to see map): rwp-8.5×11-map

Meeting Point & Parking: Park in the public lot behind Carousel Village in Roger Williams Park off of Cladrastis Ave.

Things to shoot: Carousel, Japanese Garden, Pond & Gazebo, Boathouse

Other things to shoot:

    • For those that want, we can also go to the Temple to Music and waterfall, which is a short (1/2 mile) drive away within the park.  Turn right when exiting the Carousel Parking lot and take the first right onto Maple Ave.  You will see the building on the left as you descend the hill.  Park right on the street (Note: Maple Ave’s name changes to FC Greene Memorial Blvd. at this point)
    • From the Temple, continue on FC Green Memorial Blvd for another 1/2 mile (just past the softball field and always bearing to the left) until you see a small waterfall on the left.  Park on the street just past the waterfall.

Homework (See homework assigned in Class #1, above, due September 29) 

Class #3 – Thursday, September 29 (via Zoom)

Topics: Compositional Considerations / Review student images

Homework for Next (October 13) Zoom Class

  • The homework will be to continue exploring either long exposures on an SLR or using Slow Shutter Cam on the phone. Multiple exposure photos are also an option.
  • Perhaps a student will stumble onto their own way to create an impressionistic photo. Experiment, try lots of things, play, see what happens.
  • Send 3 photos. If the ones from the photo shoot aren’t satisfying you, shoot something else and send those.
  • Have some fun with it!

Class #4 – Thursday, October 6 (1:00pm – 3:00pm)

Photo shoot in Bristol, RI

Meeting Point & Parking: Meeting point will be the lower level of Rogers Free Library at 1PM. Parking is available there, as well as on the street.

Location on Google Maps,-71.27928,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89e4547a97e91ee5:0x2f322e1241032de0!8m2!3d41.671259!4d-71.277086

Class #5 – Thursday, October 13 (via Zoom)

Topics: Multiple Exposures / Review student images

Homework for Next (October 27) Zoom Class

  • Send 3 impressionistic images in total
  • Experiment with Multiple Exposures. Try to submit at least one ME photo (either in camera or post processing) as part of the 3 you send

Class #6 – Thursday, October 20

Photo shoot at Beavertail Lighthouse & Jamestown, RI

Class #7 – Thursday, October 27 (via Zoom)

Topics: Other Impressionistic Techniques / Review student images

Homework for Next (November 10) Zoom Class

  • Shoot lots of images along the river walk
  • Send us 3 impressionistic images
  • Try use motion blur techniques discussed today (Zoom blur, camera rotation, panning, or slow shutter) for at least one of your images.
  • Look for subjects that are moving – people, bicycles, cars – to capture motion blur
  • Use a slow shutter speed (DSLR cameras) or the Slow Shutter app (iPhone)
  • For multiple exposure images, look for buildings and other structures (in camera multiple exposures or Avg Cam Pro app for iPhones).

Class #8 – Thursday, November 3

Photo shoot – Providence River Walk

Meeting Point: Meet at Waterplace Park opposite Providence Place

Location on Google Maps:


  • Metered parking is available on Smith and Francis streets by the State House (up to 4 hours @ $1.25/hour).  You can use coins, credit card or the Passport Parking app (recommended).  ­Note: Metered parking is also available on Gaspee St. on the northern section before the Amtrak Station. Make sure the sign says 4 hour parking.  The metered parking on Gaspee St directly opposite the Amtrak station and in front of the Statehouse is limited to 30 minutes max.
  • If you can’t find metered parking on the street, use the nearby Providence Mall North Garage off Hayes Street (first 2 hours free, then $2 for 2-5 hours)
  • Another place to park that is free is on Canal Street along Roger Williams Memorial Park (park on right hand side of street). It is just about 75 yards east of Gaspee St as you would walk down Smith Street.

Class #9 – Thursday, November 10 (via Zoom)

Topics: Review student images / Slideshow of all images / Course Wrap up