SYLLABUS – SPRING 2022 (Archive)

   In preparation for our classes, you will be given weekly homework assignments consisting of readings, YouTube videos, and individual photo shoots with photo submissions to the class for discussion. Classroom format will consist of presentations of different photography topics and discussing the participants’ submitted photos.  Photo shoots will be done on your own.  Details of the shoots will be communicated in class, with suggested subjects and locations for each assignment.


(Click on the following link for a printable PDF version of the calendar:  Beyond the Snapshot – Spring 2022 Calendar)

Pre-Assignment for First Class – Due Tuesday evening, March 15

By Tuesday evening, March 15th, please email 3 photos to us that you have taken of any subject that you like, e.g., landscape, portraits, nature, street photography, abstracts, etc. Two of the photos can be from any time period that you like, while the 3rd image should be a recent one taken since you enrolled in this class.

Please e-mail images to ALL 3 coordinators (,, and copy yourself.


Class #1 – Thursday, March 17

TopicsPhotography and seeing / How do we find our photographic vision? / Review Student Images

Homework for Next (March 24) Class

Explore the ordinary

  • Rest and explore your surroundings for about 15-20 minutes before choosing your subject to photograph. Choose something that catches your attention while exploring.
  • Choose one of the following images: Garbage dumpster, Car, Section of a sidewalk, Parking meter, Wall, Fire hydrant,  or Doorway.
    Or choose something else your prefer to photograph.
  • Create at least 10 photos of one subject that are thematic and cohesive.
  • Send us 3 images (the first image, last image, and your favorite image – please label each image).

Purpose of exercise: Go beyond limiting your ideas of interesting and boring and find new perceptions.

Think of Edward Weston’s Peppers in Black and White!

(Optional Creative Exercise)

  • Find about 10-12 photographs you like.
  • Explore what interests you in the images. Look at the lines, light, whether or not there is a slow shutter speed that blur some action or shallow depth of field caused by a wide angle and note these. Also notice the subject, the point of view of the photographer, and the choice of the moment.
  • Examine the images to see what made you care about these images. Knowing what connects with you visually and emotionally is the first step in understanding how to make your own photographs connect with others.

Class #2 – Thursday, March 24

Topics: Rules of Composition / When do we use the rules and when do we create new ones / Review student images

Homework for Next (April 7) Class


Choose one of the compositional guidelines from today:

  • Rule of Thirds
  • Triangles
  • Leading Lines
  • Symmetry/Asymmetry
  • Simplicity/Negative Space
  • Pattern/Texture
  • Color
  • Point of View
  • Framing/Foreground Interest
  • Decisive Moment

Submit 3 images: three different scenes, using the any compositional principal or combination of principals.

I encourage you to choose one that doesn’t come as naturally to you, because that will do the most to help you see anew.

As always, have fun and PLAY!

Class #3 – Thursday, March 31

Photo shoot at RI Statehouse

Map of Area / Where to Park (click to see map): Statehouse Map and Parking v2

Meeting Point: Meet at the North entrance @ 82 Smith Street, which faces away from downtown Providence and the Providence Place Mall.  You will need to go through a security check at the entrance.

COVID Regs: Masks are optional and not required to enter the building.


  • Metered parking is available on Smith and Francis streets (up to 4 hours @ $1.25/hour).  You can use coins, credit card or the Passport Parking app (recommended).  ­Note: Metered parking is also available on Gaspee St. on the northern section before the Amtrak Station. Make sure the sign says 4 hour parking.  The metered parking on Gaspee St directly opposite the Amtrak station and in front of the Statehouse is limited to 30 minutes max.
  • If you can’t find metered parking on the street, use the nearby Providence Mall North Garage off Hayes Street (first 2 hours free, then $2 for 2-5 hours)
  • Another place to park that is free is on Canal Street at Roger Williams Memorial Park (park on right hand side of street). It is just about 75 yards east of Gaspee St as you would walk down Smith Street.

Statehouse Tour Brochure:  self-guided-state-house-tour-brochure

Homework (See homework assigned in Class #2, above, due April 7)

Class #4 – Thursday, April 7

Topics: Composing with Light/ Review student images

Homework for Next (April 21) Class
  • Shoot lots of images at the Roger Williams Park (or any other subject or location of your choosing) on April 14 using different lighting situations.
  • As you take each image, make a mental note of the direction of the light and how it will impact the lighting on your subject (e.g., hard-edged shadow vs softer shadow with more transition, etc.)
  • Send us 3 images (can be the same or a different subject), each intentionally using a specific type of lighting:
    • For example, direction (front, side, back, top, bottom), quality (hard or soft shadows), light color (golden hour, shade), or intensity (amount of brightness of subject)
  • If you dare, try using chiaroscuro lighting in one of your images!

Class #5 – Thursday, April 14

Photo shoot at Roger Williams Park from 1Pm-3PM (Rain backup: Roger Williams Park Botanical Center) 

Map of Area with Meeting Point (click on link to see map): RW Park – Meeting Point

Official RW Park Map and Guide (click on link to see map): rwp-8.5×11-map

Meeting Point & Parking: Park in the public lot behind Carousel Village in Roger Williams Park off of Cladrastis Ave.

Things to shoot: Carousel (if open or through windows), Japanese Garden, Pond & Gazebo, cherry blossoms (if out), Boathouse

Other things to shoot:

    • For those that want, we can also go to the Temple to Music and waterfall, which is a short (1/2 mile) drive away within the park.  Turn right when exiting the Carousel Parking lot and take the first right onto Maple Ave.  You will see the building on the left as you descend the hill.  Park right on the street (Note: Maple Ave’s name changes to FC Greene Memorial Blvd. at this point)
    • From the Temple, continue on FC Green Memorial Blvd for another 1/2 mile (just past the softball field and always bearing to the left) until you see a small waterfall on the left.  Park on the street just past the waterfall.

Homework (See homework assigned in Class #4, above, due April 21) 

Class #6 – Thursday, April 21

Topics: Composing with Color/ Review student images

** OPTIONAL EXTRA CLASS ** – Friday, April 22 @ 10AM (or TBD at first class)

Topic: Technical instruction how to do Intentional Camera Movement with Your Camera or Smartphone; will be presented on Zoom

Class #7 – Thursday, April 28

Photo shoot at Blithewold Mansion, Bristol, RI

Time: 1PM-3PM. Please plan on arriving by 12:50PM.

Map of Blithewold Grounds (click on link to see map): Map


101 Ferry Road (Rt. 114)
Bristol, Rhode Island
Meeting Point: Meet at the Visitors Center & Gift Shop (Point “A” on the above map), which is located right next to the main parking lot.

Other: Blithewold has dropped their requirement for masks, so it is completely up to you whether you would like to wear one or not.

Homework (See homework assigned in Class #6, above, due May 5) 

Class #8 – Thursday, May 5

Topics: ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) and Abstraction / Review student images

Class #9 – Thursday, May 12

Photo shoot in Downtown Providence

Time: 1PM-3PM. 

Meeting Point: Entrance to Memorial Park where South Water St crosses the Providence River (also called “Crawford St Bridge”). The Park is next to the Brown School of Public Health building and Hemenways Restaurant.

Map of the Photowalk (click on link to see map): Map

Photo Walk Route: Total distance is 1.25 miles.  Mostly flat except for some stairs to get from street level to the canal

Parking: Metered parking available on South Water St. (one way going south) and on South Main St (one way going north)

Homework (See homework assigned in Class #8, above, due May 19) 

Class #10 – Thursday, May 19

Topics: Review student images / Slideshow of all images / Wrap up